How To Win Ex Girlfriend Back

Breaking up is never easy. It is usually a time full of emotional turmoil, confusion, and self doubt.

If you are feeling depressed due to your partner walking out on you then you should take a moment to consider the following suggestions that should allow you to discover how to win ex girlfriend back with the minimal of effort.

The most important task would be to analyze what went wrong. Be honest with yourself and find out exactly why they left. Were they interested in another guy or woman, has her love for you vanished, are her friends and family trying to put a wedge between the two of you, do you have a habit that has driven her to take this extreme step?

Only by understanding the reason for the break up would you be able to create a harmonious situation for them to come back.

It is natural that over time we begin to start to take our partners for granted. When we first start dating we usually do everything we can to impress our partners. This includes dressing well, being courteous and gentlemanly, showing affection, and considering their opinions and views. No matter how long you were together with your girlfriend you should treat them as if it is the first few months of the relationship. Nobody likes to be seen as furniture or just a sex object.

Think about which of your personalities most attracted your ex to you. Was it your confidence, friendliness, honesty, determination, humour, or other dynamics? Try to play up the aspects that you know they love and desire. Not every woman will be impressed by all traits.

Spend time with your friends. Going out socializing will allow you to once again develop your communication skills and even spend time amongst other women. If you know there is a certain bar or venue that your ex loves to frequent then you can spend time there in the hope of bumping in to them.

If this is an approach you will take then you need to stay friendly and polite, a bar or club is no place to get emotional and to have a serious discussion.

No woman likes a selfish man. For this reason you should consider how you can show off you altruistic side. For example why not get involved in a community project that would impress your ex. Helping out at a sports club or cultural event can show them you have broad interests and want to help others.

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