Win a Girl Back- 4 Secrets You Can Use Today To Win Your Girl Back!

If you’re in a situation where your girl has decided to call it quits and she’s left you high and dry, you’re probably wondering how to win a girl back. It is very likely that you still have feelings for her and you may even want to do anything possible to get her back. Before you decide to go running to her and fall at her feet, consider some of the proven techniques that not only help you get her back, but may just have her running back!

Girls don’t think or act like guys. They have more sensitive feelings and they worry about little things. They also expect guys to understand what they want even when they don’t know what they want themselves. And worst of all, a lot of girls say what they want, but that’s not what they mean.

Carl recently told me about a situation with his ‘ex’ that he thought was quite unusual – but it was actually very common. He and his girlfriend were invited to a wedding and it was on the Saturday of the big golf tournament. Sarah knew how much Carl loved golf but she really wanted to go to the wedding. She told him more than once not to worry about anything and to enjoy himself at the club. She had plans to go to the wedding with her good friend.

The next day – well you probably already know what happened. Sarah woke up in a fury. Everyone at the wedding had a date and she was very uncomfortable. She said she had to make all kinds of excuses for why Carl didn’t come with her. The ranting and raving went on for a while and finally she said, “Maybe it’s time for us to just call it quits!” and she slammed the door as she walked out. What happened?

Carl had done exactly what she said to do. He went to the golf tournament just like she had suggested. And now he was being berated for doing it. He had no idea what to do next or how to win his girl back.

That’s why it’s so hard to figure out how to win a girl back when you’re not sure what you did wrong. After researching and talking to literally hundreds of guys, girls, professionals, and people who spend a lot of time on understanding how relationships work, it’s clear that the following tips and secrets might be just what you need:

1. The number one secret about how to win a girl back is to make her want to come back and think it’s all her idea! It’s that simple. If you do and say the right things, you won’t even have to ask her back. She’ll come back and she’ll be the one doing the asking.

2. Be sensitive to her feelings and show her how much you care when you see or talk to her. Never let her see that you’re angry because of what happened and NEVER tell her you were just doing what she asked you to do! Those could be the words that end it forever.

3. Don’t be in a rush. Girls never like to be pushed and rushed. They want to make things happen on their own time. If you’re in a hurry, she may not think you’re sincere about wanting to get back together. You have to show her you’ve given it a lot of thought and taking your time means you’re working on a way to make her happy. Even if you’re really lonely, be patient and your patience will pay off.

4. Let’s face it – you may have done everything right but it still backfired and you’re the one left out in the cold. She probably had the expectation that you would come through at the last minute and surprise her by going to the wedding. Oops! In this case, it’s hard to swallow your pride and tell her you’re sorry. But that’s exactly what you have to do if you really want her back. Tell her you should have been more sensitive to her feelings and you wish you had made a different decision, but that you can’t change that now. Convince her that you’ll try to be more caring and sensitive in the future – and be sure you are!

How to win a girl back takes patience, creativity, and persistence. It means that guys have to change the way they think and consider what makes the girl happy. In “The Magic of Making Up” you’ll find even more secrets with a detailed course of action that will help you win her back and create an even more loving and exciting relationship than you even had before. After all, breaking-up is no fun, but making-up is worth the effort!